Who we are

Founded in Rome, VARCOSTUDIO is based on the 30-year experience of the professionals who work in it, a vital and highly eclectic staff whose strength lies in cohesive teamwork.

The backbone of VARCOSTUDIO is the interconnection between various technical and formal aspects which transform the studio in a workshop where ideas and concepts are collectively developed. Each professional benefits from the cultural baggage and the experience of the colleagues to achieve the highest goals.

From family house to urban planning, from interior design to residential and commercial buildings, including the interfacing with the engineering of structures and plants, VARCOSTUDIO shares its multi-disciplinary skills to manage projects of different scale in the best possible way.

The knowledge and utilization of last-generation computer graphic technologies, combined with the use of the most advanced building technologies and green building, allow our customers to access a wide range of solutions in the attempt of reaching the highest level of creativity in harmony with the history and morphology of the sites.

In consideration of the development of the designing process, the studio is organized to have the various operating segments interacting continuously and cohesively at all stages, from the first sketches to the final renderings including structural verification.